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Iron Oxides


The brand name Thermoxide is the combination of 2 words: Thermal (heat resistance) & Oxide (iron oxide). Functionally speaking, the Thermoxide pigments are to be superior in heat stability (typically ranging from 300C up to 700C (572F up to 1292F) – exceeding its other pigment counterparts.

The color ranges include Red, Yellow, and Black. From these 3 color ranges, one can develop an array of other colors as well.

Thermoxides can also be mixed with other organic pigments to create other specific colors (ex. Thermoxide Yellow can be mixed with Phthalocyanine Blue to make a high lightfast/weatherable Green color for applications such as artificial turf/grass).

Chemically speaking, iron oxide reds are iron (III) oxides. Iron oxide yellow is iron (III) oxide hydrates with acicular particles. Iron oxide black is iron (II, III) oxides, both with a spherical particle shape. *Iron oxide browns are mixtures of iron oxide red, iron oxide black, and iron oxide yellow pigments.

Thermoxide Red
Thermoxide Yellow
Thermoxide Black
Thermoxide Green

Thermoxide Attributes

  1. High Heat Resistant – specific grades are stable over 600C which makes the most temperature demanding applications possible.
  2. Environmental – with SGS certification, the major heavy metals are not detected in our products to comply with safety and environmental requirements.
  3. High light-fastness / weather-fastness – the chemical structure of iron oxides carries in itself the high light fastness/weather fastness resistance.
  4. Micronized for ease of dispersion – micronized through air-pressure pulverization process, the ease of dispersion can also help increase productivity.
  5. Cost-effectiveness – with the above product features, there are no other products available in the market at this price value.

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