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Refining your search results

There are many ways to refine your search.


After you make a search and get your results in the category page, you can use the "Filter" menu on the left of the page to narrow down the results into a list of products that is closer to what you're looking for.

Filter Menu

You can choose as many filters as you need. You can remove filters easily by clicking on the "X" on the left of the filter chosen. And you can remove all the filters by clicking on the "Clear all" link beneath the filters that are in effect.

Filtered Search

Product catalog page views

There are 2 views available for you to browse our product catalog. The default one is the "Grid" view and the other one is the "List" view. The list view provides a little more information than the "Grid" view, but it's up to you to choose which view is better for your needs.

Grid View

To change the view, simply click on the button you prefer your view to look like.

Grid to List Buttons
List View

Additional to changing views, you can choose how many items show per page. You can do this by choosing from the "Show # per page" menu at the bottom right of the catalog page.

Show # per page Menu


After you make a search and get your results in the category page, you can use the "Sorting" menu on the upper-right corner of the results page, to list the results in an order that makes it easier for you to look at the products shown.

Sorting Menu

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