Being involved in many of the fields of the coatings world, our expertise and experience go beyond simply manufacturing and supplying raw materials.

We have all the tools necessary to help our customers with their whole manufacturing cycle: formulations, raw materials selection and steady, continuous supply, processing, and optimization.

We also have the know-how to design and implement turn-key projects for many of the industries we serve, as well as creating custom made materials and solutions upon request.

Pigment development and production

One of our main strengths as a company is the development and production of pigments; organic and inorganic. We have the capacity to serve, if not all, most of your needs when it comes to pigments.

The development of new products and/or the optimization of existing ones is one of our priorities because the coatings industry is an ever-changing industry. Recognizing this fact has made us very resilient and adaptable.

Polyurethane Resins and Adhesives

We have the knowledge to help you formulate, produce and use polyurethane resins and adhesives for multiple uses and applications.

Development and production of additives

Formula Chemicals has the knowledge and expertise to develop and produce a wide range of additives for a wide range of applications in the coatings industry. If we don't have an additive you need, or if you're developing a new product that requires new special properties, we can team up and create exactly what you need.

Printing Inks

We have the knowledge to help you formulate, produce and use various types of inks, such as offset, flexo, gravure, inkjet, UV.


We have the knowledge to help you formulate, produce and use masterbatches for all plastic products. Some examples include applications such as horizontally extruded films (BOPP, BOPET, CPP), blown films (PE, PP), injection molding, thermoforming, pipe extrusion (PE, PVC), sheet extrusion (PS).

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