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Uniting people with talent and passion to innovate and supply world-class chemical materials to formulators who can further advance industrial technology to touch, change and enrich lives.


Formula Chemicals is a worldwide supplier of specialty chemicals to the coating, ink, and plastics industries.

Originally established to research, develop, and manufacture raw materials for the industries we serve.

Now, with our pioneering online sales channel, we give our customers increased advantages in terms of
times of material search, research, testing, and approval. This translates into time savings in the whole R&D
process and the procurement cycle, thus generating many potential savings to your business.

Apart from our manufacturing sites, we work in technical collaboration with several raw materials manufactures in Asia to offer a range of specialty products which can enhance formulation and processing.

Our product range includes: pigments, resins, additives and UV curable materials.

Core Values

Technical – for every product we promote, there is a professional technician who will be able to respond to your technical questions and needs.

Professional – the entire company operation is conducted professionally whether corresponding with our customers in the front line or supporting in the logistics from the factories.

Global – aside from serving customers globally, we continuously invest in factories and partners internationally to offer our worldwide customers the best products and services available in the chemical industry.

We aim to become an exemplary company in our values and operations to establish a firm foundation in this industry we serve.

Business Ethics

To extend our worldwide customer's confidence and trust, we have formed a covenant with our partners to adhere to international business ethics and principles under the Chemical Business Ethical Standards (CBES).

Integrity – Our business foundation – to our customers and business partners.

Through the agreement to the principles in the Chemical Business Ethical Standards (CBES), we and our business partners stand together to serve our customers with the highest standard of responsibility.

There are many raw material suppliers, and our pursuit is to become one of the most dependable and trustworthy companies in the industry.

Present and Future

Formula Chemicals keeps investing in innovation to give our customers and partners the best products, services, and experience. This is why we have created our current site as a chemical raw materials online marketplace. This changes the whole business experience of searching, quoting, testing and buying your chemical raw materials.

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